RPG a Day 2015: 19th, 20th and 21st

Here is a continuation of my participation in #RPGaDAY2015 .

RPG_adventure!_cover19th: Favourite Supers RPG

I don’t really have one. I’ve never played in a super hero game (unless you count high-powered White Wolf or Rifts).

Then again, I did play a few sessions of Adventure!, the pulp-era supers game from White Wolf. My character was Dash Remington, a mix between the Rocketeer (my favorite super hero) and the Red Baron.

I certainly enjoyed making characters and hamming it up. Sure, some of the more high-powered characters (emulating the gods of DC) kind of outshined the rest of us, but that’s built-into the game itself.

So sadly I don’t really have a valid answer…

20th: Favourite Horror RPG

The “jenga” RPG

Dread (the Jenga one) is probably right up there. I’ve yet to play it but I sooooo want to. Sure the Jenga tower is a bit of a gimmick, but it seems like it could just work perfectly. Tension mounts until someone messes up and the tower comes crashing down, spelling doom for someone. But then the tower gets re-built and things cool down for a bit.

I’ve already planned to use it for a sci-fi Aliens game and a Resident Evil mansion. Ideally one or the other for Halloween…

The only problem is that when a player dies they’re out of the game. Not sure that I like that. I may use the alternate rule in which their character is just knocking on death’s door and that they can perish at any time that I wish, bwa hah hah…

21st: Favourite RPG Setting

Probably Numenera’s The Ninth World. It seems perfect to me: combining fantasy, science fiction and post-apocalypse. It also evokes Moebius, Jodorowski, Michael Moorcock and Heavy Metal magazine. Several of my favourite things.

I mean, sure, it helps that the artwork of Numenera is incredible and inspiring. But reading about it is a delight as well. I’ve read complaints from people who feel that it doesn’t offer anything new or special but I just don’t feel that way.

Someday I would like to play or Game Master a Numenera campaign. So many possibilities.