RPG a Day 2015: 7th, 8th and 9th

Here is a continuation of my participation in #RPGaDAY2015 .

7th: Favourite Free RPG

70124I don’t own many free RPGs. I have plenty of Pay-What-You-Want games, or free quick-starters, but no free games. I suppose that my favourite, actually really FREE game would be Atomic Highway by Colin Chapman at Radioactive Ape Designs.

It’s a post-apocalyptic rpg expressively made to simulate the crazy, high octane automotive action of the Mad Max movies. It was recommended by a pile of people and bloggers on G+ and in forums.

I haven’t yet had a chance to play it, but I plan to, either in full or by importing some of its rules and methodology.

The production quality is top-notch and it is pretty well written. I like this game a lot and I’m amazed that they’re giving it away for free!

8th: Favourite Appearance of RPGs in the Media

NBC_community-d-and-d_FullyC_001Easy! In the show Community, which constantly, charmingly and cleverly satirizes and pays homage to many aspects of pop culture, they had an entire episode dedicated to a Dungeons & Dragons game (called Advanced Dungeons & Dragons). To be specific, it was during Season 2 and it was episode 14, according to Wikipedia.

It was freaking hilarious and bang-on with certain things. It was far more clever than anything that I’ve seen in other geek-related shows like Big Bang Theory.

My favourite part was when one of the characters (played by Allison Brie) narrated how her handsome male character seduced and made out with an NPC. Awkward and funny.

Everything about this was great and fun. What a great show.

9th: Favourite Media that I wish was an RPG

That’s a tough one. I have several go-to games that I’d use for just about any genre or medium.

The_Dark_Crystal_Film_PosterBut if I had to imagine a perfect, self-contained game published as a book with beautiful artwork and writing (worth its page count as a coffee table book as much as for its rules) then I’d go with the Dark Crystal.

I’d like to see them do something with the vast amount of lore that Henson, Froud and everyone else on board with the film making team. There’s a lot there (some of which has been brought up in subsequent art books, making of novels and comics).

I’d like to see it with new art by Brian Froud and complementary art by whomever is doing their comics right now. Bonus points to bring in artists like David Peterson, Tony Diterlizzi and maybe a veteran like Moebius.

But mostly I’d like to see them merge the rules with the essential bits of the setting. Not sure what those would be, off the top of my hat, but basically I’d want this game to have something that other game systems don’t already offer.