#RPGaDay 21 – Favourite Licensed RPG

Latest edition, coolest cover.

My favorite licensed RPG would have to be Star Wars by West End Games (WEG).

We started to play the second edition (1992) back in the days right after High School. The one that I used to own, but alas got rid of (WHYYYY…?) was the Revised and Expanded edition from 1996.

It definitely wasn’t the most perfect game engine ever, but there’s a wonderful charm and simplicity to the D6 system.

From what I can recall, this was the second or third RPG we had ever played. The first being the first edition of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. We had enjoyed countless hours of entertainment from this game.

I still fondly remember the alien race my friend Johnny and I came up with: the Qwi-xi-ka-thurk: insect-reptile creatures. Hell of a lot of fun!

Many other editions of the Star Wars RPG have come out after, mostly from the D20 system and the latest from Fantasy Flight Games (FFG) called Edge of the Empire. Those are pretty cool, but I’ll always love this one.

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