W is for Well of Souls #atozchallenge

Crypt of despair the old man is there
Forming a circle of magic and prayers

Guarding the well the black hole to hell
It’s evil must never arise I can tell
Holy mission forever he’s sworn

To protect our world from hatred and scorn
He will not fear though the Sabbath is near
Twelve strokes for Candlemass darkness descends

Break the circle and all hell comes loose
The well of souls must stay sealed

—The Well of Souls by Candlemass

Within the Grey Palace is an ancient well guarded by a very old knight. The room is adorned with holy symbols and written scripture to keep something from leaving the darkness there.

The elderly knight is essentially immortal as long as he stays in the room, in the presence of the well. He has become bitter and grim in his countless years of vigilance and will try to forbid anyone from entering, using force if necessary. He has sworn a sacred oath to guard the well and the King of the Grey Isles does not want to interfere (because he can’t remember why the well is important). So no creatures of the Grey Isles, even the most mindless or destructive, will ever willingly approach the Well of Souls.

If the old knight is ever forcibly removed from the room, or if he is killed, all of the spiritual seals protecting the world from the horrors in the well will become undone. What will happen next

What is the well?

  1. A direct tunnel to a shadow region of hell. Infernal beings wish to enter our world and wreak havoc through replacing world leaders with possessed tyrants.
  2. A connection to the realm of the Unseelie Court. Vengeful faeries bide their time to invade our world and bring back a Golden Age (with humanity as slaves).
  3. A portal to the underworld. A malevolent Lich Queen wishes to unleash her undead armies and bring about the apocalypse.
  4. A Hydra-God who, according to prophecy, will poison the world’s oceans and set all crops on fire.
  5. A direct conduit to the Opal City. The Queen of the Fossil Throne wants lead her watery dead legion and reclaim the Grey Isles.
  6. A gate to an imprisoned Elder God named Zel’otahk. This formless abomination wishes to undo all other religions and become once again worshipped by all living (and unliving) things. And perhaps to devour the world too. Why not.